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Simple Wonders Reveal God’s Glory

“Yes, God made all things, and everything continues through him and for him. To him be the glory forever! Amen.” -Romans 11:36

I rarely enjoy watching the news anymore. For some reason they feel the need to only report everything that is wrong in this world. All the killings, who has attacked who, the robberies, even all the things wrong the government does. It’s very sad and only leads viewers to believe there is no hope left in this world. There is no God left watching over us.

In a world that only reports the chaos it is hard to see God and the great wonders He does like in the Bible. Yet when you look for the simple wonders you cannot help but see God revealed in everything. A beautiful sunset or sunrise, the first sounds of a newborn baby crying as you count their tiny fingers and toes. The simplicity of a dog or cat as they sleep and dream or play around the home. Have you every watched a river flowing and how it moves? Maybe even a grand waterfall and the beautiful rainbow after a storm. Heard the laughter of children playing, untouched by the hate of this world.

Step out in nature and you will see God revealed all around you. The tall trees, the deer off in the distance watching you. The squirrels running about scurrying from tree to tree. The songs of the birds, frogs, and crickets. Watch a duck as it gracefully swims across the water or hear an eagle in the its grandeur as it fly’s across the skies. The colorful flowers with all their varieties and shapes or the changing colors of the trees each fall. The fresh fallen snow or songbirds that sing their melodies.

When we feel like watching the news it can reveal only hopelessness and we can begin to feel lost and feel God has left us. But God is still everywhere, He has revealed His glory in how intricately everything works together. He shows Himself in so many simple wonders and miracles. And if the news took three minutes of their time to report the babies being born, the elderly that was helped today, the miracles of anything for that day, even show kids playing we could find the hope that God is still with us and strength instead of fear.

Through all the chaos and darkness of the storms, when we consider the wonders of nature, we can see God revealed through wisdom and power far beyond our own (Job 38:2-4). The simple wonders, even in our pain, reveal the mind and heart of a Creator who has been with us and for us all along.

Today, stop looking at what’s wrong and broken in this world and look for evidence of God’s presence in the wonders only He could do.

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