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Stars Don't Lie

"The wise people will shine like the brightness of the sky. Those who teach others to live right will shine like stars forever and ever." - Daniel 12:3

The Little Dipper, Big Dipper, Orion’s Belt, The North Star just to name a few. Most of us know these common constellations in the night sky, probably since we were kids. Our parents probably at some point, pointed to the star-filled sky and said, look and learn. To this day I can still always find the Little Dipper when I look up into the vast night sky.

Some of us have even gone on to learn all the many constellations in the stars. Stars are beautiful, stars are innumerable, stars are pretty awesome to watch. If you live in the city it’s harder to enjoy the stars because of all the bright lights, but where I live out in the country I go out each night and stand in awe at the many stars I see and praise God for His creation.

I heard a story of a young boy just starting to drive. He and his older brother, along with a friend, decided to go on a camping trip to a cabin up in the woods, far away from any civilization. It was late at night and they were still on the road and the older boys decided to go to sleep. His older brother told him to just stay on the main road and he wouldn’t get lost. Everything was fine until there came some detour signs. He started following them but soon got very turned around. Waking his brother, they pulled over off the road. The older brother gets out of the car looks both ways then up into the sky. He then tells his younger brother turn this way and drive and then goes back to sleep. A little while later the boy was lost again, pulls the car over and again wakes his brother. The brother again looks both ways and then up to the skies, says turn that way and then goes back to sleep. They reach their destination and now confused the young driver asks his brother how he knew where to go by looking at the sky. His brother said, “Stars don’t lie and when you know your constellations you can always know where to go.”

Stars in the heavens never lie. When we learn about constellations we will always have a map to navigate us to where we need to go to reach our destination. In hearing this story my mind went to another map we have that will lead us to our destination in Heaven with Jesus. This map in known as Bible and all we have to do is read through its pages to learn how to navigate through life, until the Lord returns to take us home to heaven. We don’t have to be scholars or scientists to learn how to read it, all we need is an open communication with God and let Him lead us and we will find our way. So next time you look up into the night sky and see the many constellations remember God created them and He is helping us find our way home. Enjoy the night sky!

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