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The Road to Christmas -Part 4

Luke 11:28 "But He said, “More than that, blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it!”

(I have taken writers liberty on a lot of this story to add to the story of the wise men and what their encounter with Jesus may have been like and who they have may have been. You can find their story in Matthew 2 and Luke 2:1-19).

Christmas night was truly a glorious night. As heaven rejoiced watching Gods plan unfold and Angels filled the sky singing praises, God whispers, “I'm not finished yet.”Aas the light of the Angels fade away their light still remains bright in the sky as a star.

Now, I have seen many miracles in my time and being as wise and learned as I am, I am sure there's not much you can stump me with, but this time I have been stumped. My friends, Melchior, Gasper and I have spent years studying the stars. I could tell you with each season where every one of them has been placed. But this season there has been a change. A new star has appeared and it's unlike any other star I've studied. This one even moves. It's time I get to the bottom of this.

After a restless night of sleep, in an unusual dream, I am all the more curious and excited. My dream told me that the Savior had been born, that He has come to our world. Finally, after all this time of studying and worshiping, has God fulfilled his promise? I better head to the Kingdom and talk with King Herod about this right away.

“What are you doing here, Belthasar,” Gasper, who also was heading to see the King asked.

“I had a dream last night of urgent matter to bring to the King.”

“As did I,” Melchior added, joining the other two Wisemen. “Something about our Savior having come.”

“And we should go find Him and worship Him,” Gasper replied.

To say the least I almost couldn't contain my excitement. My dream alone was wonderful but to know God sent the same dream that went to my fellow wise men, a miracle. “And have you noticed the new star in the Sky?”

“Oh, my friend,” Gasper smiled. “I believe that is a sign from God to lead us to our Savior so we can worship Him.”

We all three decide to share our news with King Herod. At first, I was glad he was just as excited as we were. There were times I questioned his faith and loyalty to God. But the tone in his voice as he continued to speak made me worry of his true intentions. He told us to go find the Savior and then return and tell him so he too could "worship” the baby. I wasn't sure his worship would be like ours. King Herod was crafty, and he liked ruling his Kingdom way too much. I prayed all would turn out okay.

Before long Melchior, Gasper and I had loaded on our camels and began our journey. We had to travel at night as to follow the star across the skies which was a bit colder than by day, but our hearts kept us warm at the idea of God fulfilling his long-awaited promise. As we traveled, we kept each other awake by talking about the promises God had kept through the years. We recounted this promise over and over, how one day in the city of David, a Savior will come to be born and He will be the Son of God and save His people from this world of sin. Being in the position we were in we did see a lot of lies and corruption. How we could have fallen so far from God and how so many have already lost their faith in God or have become so complacent in our own lives, that worshipping our Lord is not a priority. I prayed this day would bring many changes for our futures.

Our journey was long, I feared we would be too late by the time we found Jesus, but each night the star rose leading the way and until it stopped, we were determined to follow. Then as out of nowhere the star stopped moving as we came upon Bethlehem. Had we finally found our King, our Savior? Would I know my Savior when I saw Him?

My heart was beating so hard as we made our way to a small home in the town. As if by God's leading, we all knew exactly where to go. The night was now upon us and homes were settling in for the evening. I almost disliked the idea of disrupting a family at that hour, but we were too excited to wait until morning. Gasper knocked as we straightened our robes and made ourselves look more like the wise men we were. If I were to meet my savior, I wanted to look my best.

Shortly a man answered the door. He shook his head with a wide smile on his face. “Let me guess. You have been sent by God or Angels to come see Jesus.”

“Why yes, we have traveled far from the East following a star that led us here. Is He here, Gods Son?”

The man opened his door wider, to let us in. “Shalom my friends, please come in and see, come meet Jesus. I am Joseph and this is my wife Mary,” Joseph directed the magi towards the chair where Mary sat holding the baby Jesus.

Gasper, Melchior and I acted without hesitation. Upon seeing Jesus, we fell to our knees with humble praise and worship. Although a small infant, I knew this was God's son.

“I am Belthasar of Arabia and I present to you a gift of gold, our money given unto you to help serve in the world of sin.”

“I am Melchior of Persia and I present to you the gift of myrrh, to share in the sorrows in those of the world, to love each other in one accord.”

“I am Gasper of India and I present to you the gift of frankincense, the adoration of a concentrated life.”

Being so late in the evening we did not stay long. Our journey home would be a long one and we knew we could use a good night's sleep. Once in the inn we recounted what we had just experienced. Although still a child, we knew God works things out according to His plan and one day Jesus would grow into a man who would do great things to further the Lord's work. Our prayer now would be that we could remain ever faithful and continue to do our part in worshipping the God of creation and spread the good news.

In the morning we all were shaken by yet another shared dream. King Herod was up to no good and had a disastrous plan ready to set in motion upon our return with the news. We were all told to flee the other direction without question. At first, I was unsure but then remembered my ancestor Abraham. God told him to leave everything behind to follow Him and that He would provide. If Abraham could trust God, then so could we. God would provide for us and He already had, by allowing us to meet Jesus, our hope, light, and Savior. I will never forget the leading star that led us to Jesus’s feet, and I will forever worship Him.

When I think of why God chose to lead the wise men with the star or with the light of the Angels, I am led to the verse in John 8:12, Jesus says, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness but have the light of life.”

The star that led the wise men is a symbol of so much more. When we follow Jesus, our light, we have the same hope the wise men did at His birth. Hope of Salvation from this world of sin in corruption. Look to the heavens as they did, find Jesus and follow Him our Lord, Savior and King.

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