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Tips for Tuesday: Benefits of Fruits

Now I know there are some of you out there who are not big fruit fans and I am one of them. And there are some of you out there who will eat fruit like it’s going out of season. Like everything God created He created fruit to help us, refresh us, and keep us healthy and the more we learn about fruit the more we can see benefits to eating them. So if you’re like me and it’s not on your high priority to eat fruit, I challenge you to at least try adding some fruit to your meal plans at least 2 times a week. Who knows maybe we can learn to like fruit more and increase in eating it more throughout the weeks. And if you love fruit add more it can’t hurt.

Limes: Removes toxins from the body, gives you energy

Cherries: Strengthens the heart and circulatory system, helps calm the nervous system

Lemons: Cleans your liver, helps fight acne

Oranges: Helps sinus and respiratory issues, improves your mood

Blueberries: Balances blood sugar preventing hypoglycemia, protects your heart

Bananas: Have powerful anti-viral properties, keeps you regular

Currants: Purify the blood and reduces anemia

Apples: Helps prevent depression and reduces anxiety, helps resist infections

Pears: Helps in kidney function, helps lower cholesterol

Pineapple: Helps burn fat and tones the stomach, helps fight arthritis

Melon: Hydrates the skin and nails

Kiwis: Helps reduce bone mass, maintains eye health

Watermelon: Helps control heart rate, helps with kidney infection

Grapes: Relax the blood vessels, helps with migraines

Peaches: Rich in potassium, fluoride, and iron

Mango: Protects against several kinds of cancer

Strawberries: Potentially fight against cancer and aging, boosts memory

Cantaloupe: Helps protect against strokes, reduces water retention

Grapefruit: Helps heal wounds, reduces fevers, and helps control appetite

Raspberries: Helps your body with metabolism, strengthens immune system

As you can see there is a good list to start from and there are so many more benefits and so many more fruits you can learn about. My challenge to you and myself is to get some more fruit into your home and into your bodies over the next few weeks. Two to three times a week at least and be daring, try some new fruit, you might find yourself liking it. Happy eating!

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