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What Kind of Battery Are You?

1 Peter 3:8 “Finally, all of you should be in agreement, understanding each other, loving each other as family, being kind and humble.”

Have you ever tried to walk through a room in your house in the dark? Yeah, you probably made it from point A to point B. But did you make it without tripping on something? Maybe you bumped your shin on the coffee table or chair because you couldn't judge the distance. Our living room, for the longest time, depended on lamps to light up the darkness. I was fine with that for a while. The problem was, the lamp was across the room and if I wanted to find anything or just check on things before heading to bed, I would have to stumble across the room to turn on the lamp, then turn it off and stumble back out. Fortunately, the floor usually had a clear path, but it still wasn't always fun walking in the dark. Finally, my husband decided ceiling lights were needed and the older I am getting, I have to agree. Why stumble through the dark for no reason? Now, with a quick flip of the switch I can see everything, get what I need, turn it off and move on.

Such a simple thing as light in the darkness can solve so many problems. Jesus used the simple comparison when He said, “I am the Light of the World.” Since the fall of man in Eden our world has been spiraling deeper into darkness. Even since Jesus’ time on earth, sin has become more and more predominant. Jesus came to act as a light to all who would hear and accept Him. Like a simple lamp or ceiling light reveals all that is hidden in the dark, so we don't stumble, Jesus is the light to help keep us from stumbling and falling into sin and temptations. He reveals the sins of the world and the devil’s schemes through His light so we all can see and turn away.

Jesus didn't stop there though. He added in Matthew 5:16 that we too need to let our light shine. When we accept Jesus in our life and follow Him, He dwells in us and His light shines through us to others. We can take that light and shine it through our words and actions.

Think about a flashlight for a moment. It's a handy thing to have around when you need to look in dark places. The last thing you want when you're fumbling in the dark are dead batteries or a dimming flashlight. We also don't just throw the flashlight away. You just simply change the batteries.

What about people? When they mess up or find themselves in a dark place do you just cast them aside? Of course not, you are called to be a light for Jesus, sharing Him to a lost world. Like there are all sorts of battery sizes and you have to find the right match to get something to work. There are all different types of people who need Jesus in different ways.

Some need AA…attention and affection. some need AAA…attention, affection, and affirmation. Some need C…compassion. Some need D…direction. Then there are those who still don't seem to shine… simply sit with them quietly and share your light.

We all fit these different types of needs at points in our life. The key, when Jesus has helped you through those moments, He is using your experience to show the light to someone else. We all are called to be a light for Jesus and to follow Jesus, our guiding light. This is how we will get around in this world of darkness without stumbling or falling or bumping our shins along the way. Are you shining for Jesus today and every day?

What new things have you discovered while reading the Bible? Have you found answers in anything you are going through? Has your walk with Jesus grown deeper? It can be hard to find extra time in our hours to add more Bible study and even with all the reading plans in a year it seems to still be difficult to find time without feeling like you're falling behind. Jesus doesn't want us to feel that way, He just wants to spend time with us and show us wonderful things in scripture. That is why I have set up studying through the Bible with chapters every few days through the week. We can all learn more and new things and discover verses we may have missed or skimmed over without feeling like we are falling behind. We have covered many books in the New Testament already and are getting towards the end of 1 Corinthians now. Hopefully you have found some time to join me as we study the verses and chapters and if you are just joining you can jump right in and catch up later. All previous blogs have the links of the studies we have been covering. Just take some extra moments with Jesus and let Him lead and show you what He has for you. Let's continue with 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

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