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What’s Your Excuse?

Hebrew 13:21, “Now may the God of peace equip you with all you need for doing his will. May he produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ every good thing that is pleasing to him. All glory to him forever and ever! Amen.”

     I just can't this time around, I'm not ready. I am too busy through the week, maybe another time. I just got back from a trip; I'm still recovering. I'm not good enough. The excuses can easily be found when we just don't feel like doing something God has asked us to do.


     A young church member had been on vacation for several weeks. In the past he had given a sermon or two in front of his church. He enjoyed sharing what God had placed on his heart and usually had no problem when asked to speak. Yet, this time was a little different. He had just gotten home from his vacation a few days prior to getting the message on his phone from the elder reminding him that he was on that Sabbath to speak. At first, he thought it had to be a joke. He had been gone for weeks, he was still jet lagged, and he was still settling back in at home. There was no sermon on his heart, and he was quite unprepared. Those seemed like legit excuses to him. This was two days before the Sabbath. Again, on Friday he got a call from the elder. He explained how he wasn't ready, but he'd pray about it and let the elder know by morning. As the evening progressed God impressed his heart and on Sabbath morning, he had a sermon to share. What was the thought that God shared with him? “What would happen if I asked God to come over and He said, sorry, I'm really tired. I just got done visiting with so and so. Or I'm sorry, I just can't share anymore today, I've been out and about all day and need to go home and rest.” That was enough for this young man to allow the Holy Spirit to give him a sermon.

     When God calls, He equips.


     Let's look at a few excuses given by some called by God in the Bible:


     Moses, he had left the palace. He had left his people and started a life. We know the story. One day he was out tending his sheep when a burning bush got his attention. Upon inspection Moses saw a bush that was on fire but not burning up. Then God speaks to him asking Moses to take on the leadership of freeing His people.

     Oh, then the excuses started to come. “Lord, what if Pharaoh doesn't believe me. Who am I to convince him?” The Lord provides proof, “throw down your staff” and as Moses did it turned to a snake until Moses picked it back up again.

     Okay, next excuse. “I'm not literate, I can't speak to the king and convince him.” God provides, Aaron, Moses’s brother who will speak for Moses.

     When God calls, He equips.


     Queen Esther. She was a simple girl from the ‘Bronx’ who became queen to a nation that wasn't even of her people. She already felt unworthy and out of her league. Then she was asked to go before the king to save her people. Go tell him of a plot in place that would kill her people. The hardest part was that she was asked to go before the king unannounced which would put her own life on the line. She couldn't, she wasn't brave enough, she wasn't strong enough. What if the king rejected her? She began the excuses, but with the right encouragement she found the will and with trust and prayers to God, she did as was asked and helped save her nation from complete annihilation.

     When God calls, He equips.


     Some of the disciples. When Jesus called James and John, even Peter to follow him and told them they were going to share the gospel with the people and that they would help bring the people to the Lord. They began the excuses. They were not smart enough or educated enough. They didn’t hold the highest positions with the best pedigree or resume filled with accomplishments and awards, how could they do what Jesus asked. Jesus’ answer was simple, “I will make you fishers of men.”

     When God calls, He equips.


     Feeding the 5000. We read in the gospels that Jesus spent an entire day teaching the people. Jesus knew they were getting hungry and wanted to feed the people. When he told the disciples to go get food, the disciples started making excuses. We don't have enough money to feed them all. Where would there be that much food to feed everyone. Lord, we're not prepared to take care of this many. Yet, the Lord sent them out to find food and one disciple found a little boy with five little loaves and two fish who was willing to feed Jesus. With that small lunch Jesus blesses the food and multiplied enough to feed the crowd with some leftover.

     When God calls, He equips.


      Before God calls you to a task, I believe He instills a desire to do a task, in your heart. We’re each here for a purpose, yes? And as a follower of Jesus our mission is to go out and preach the gospel, right? Perhaps we know that God is calling us into something, but we aren’t sure if we can do it. Or we know we can do what fits within our comfort zone, but beyond that, let others have a chance.

      Truth is, most of us are happy to step up to the plate when the task is easy. But when the Lord draws us out of our comfort zones and into the unknown, that is when we wrestle with His assignment. How do you respond when God calls you to something that seems beyond your reach? Since God is all-knowing, if you knew He’d called you to something, why would you not do it?


     First, we must be willing to surrender ourselves to His will. Jesus said that He loves the Father, and He does exactly what the Father says. We follow His example. We must allow Him to work in us and equip us. Cooperate with Him. Believe Him. Listen to Him. Obey Him. Follow His instructions. We don’t have to do these things in our own strength, the Lord works within us by His Spirit. He promises to equip us with everything we need for doing His will, everything we need within and without.

    As Paul puts it, “God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work” (2 Cor. 9:8). God doesn’t call us to something only to leave us to fend for ourselves. He is with us, He provides for us, and He enables us to finish the assignment.

     When we give ourselves to God, He will equip us to do the work. No matter the problem, have faith, and tell the problem or excuse you have to a God who will take care of the problem and turn it into something good, for His work to be done. Little becomes much when you place it in the Master's hands. No more excuses, let the Lord lead and see what wonderful things will be accomplished.

Out of fear or insecurity we might back away from God’s call upon our lives. But the bible clearly shows not only that God wants to use you in His service, but that He will also equip and enable you to be an instrument of God in accomplishing His callings. How exactly does God get us all geared up? Through the Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16–17).

Think of the Bible as God's instruction manual, but way more exciting! It's not only about rules and do's and don'ts; it's a treasure trove of stories, promises, and wisdom. It's like God's GPS, guiding us along the right path. Just respond as the great prophet Isaiah did when he heard God’s call, “I will go! Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8).

Let's continue with our Bible study Connecting with God with lesson 3, Meet with God and Live before Him

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